The Right Equipment For The Job

We take frequent field trips to many of the County and State Parks in our area and beyond. Most of the parks along the Gulf of Mexico offer us an opportunity to photograph many of the shore birds that range in this area. Spring and Fall migrations provide us with great opportunities as well. During these times we can photograph many birds that do not live and breed here year round.

Wildflowers, on the other hand, are growing and blooming just about everywhere all year long. Different times of the year provide us with species appropriate for the season in a miriad of sizes and colors. In addition, different areas of the State offer different varieties. Not all wildflowers grow in every region. Most belong to unique communities that require specific conditions for the plants to survive.

Regardless of where we are or what we are photographing, when it comes time to take a photograph I rely on either my Canon EOS 7D or EOS 50D. My Canon EOS 7D, coupled with a Canon EF 100-400mm 4.5-5.6L IS USM (Ultrasonic) Telephoto Zoom lens does just about all my bird and other wildlife photography. I purchased the 7D for a few very good reasons. Two of those reasons were the ability to shoot up to 8 frames per second and its dual Digic 4 processors. There is now an updated version, the 7D Mark II, that I have my eye on. I'm just waiting for the budget to catch up with me.

For closeup work and wildflowers, I normally use my Canon EOS 50D. I keep a Canon 60mm Macro lens mounted most of the time, and a Canon 28-105mm lens in my camera bag. Of course both of these cameras and the lenses add up to a significant amount of weight to carry if I'm walking a nature trail. To counter that, I made the decision to invest in a Cotton Carrier system. I love it and have never regretted that purchase.


EOS 50D camera

Cotton Carrier System

Diane has upgraded her Canon EOS to the Rebel T7i. In the field she normally uses her EF 18-55mm standard lens with Macro capabilities. She finds this lens very useful for taking close-up shots of flowers, wildflowers and other still objects. She also carries a Canon Canon EF 75-300mm Telephoto Zoom lens for those longer bird shots.

Canon T7i with 18-55mm lens

To round things out we normally carry a small tripod, a monopod, a pair of binoculars, extra batteries and a few extra media cards on our field trips. It always pays to have backups.

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